Our goals are lying on a very edge of an Idealistic utopia!

By gathering remarkable artists around the world under one representation, independently on their recognition, establishment or even their productivity, we believe that we are able to widen the angle of perception of Art in general!

To free this perception from courteous snobbery, favoritism, "difference in tastes" and other nonsense imposed by the phenomenon, named Culture!

Art can become a part of culture only after being perceived, being embraced and reproduced. Before that artist and his/her creations are suffering uncertainties, unconfidence, and insularity.

Like an ooze, it trickles through untouched hitherto surfaces. And our task to let it flow, to let it jet!

See OOze Alliance Manifest


What is actually unique about OOze Alliance?


In comparison with the absolute majority of Art-platforms, we clearly declare peculiar criteria, we are guided by and the way we evaluating works of an Artist:


  1. General impact.
  2. Statement.(philosophy, vision, experiment)
  3. Execution with an ambitious and committed approach.
  4. Submission of metamorphosis or reflection.
  5. Avoidance of an imposed symbolism or quotation.


Our main positioning is following - Every creation named by its creator a Piece of Art is by the definition a Piece of Art!


OOze Alliance acts as a Foundation to support its members as well as Commercial Enterprise, where the main activity is - art sales.